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Fergus Falls Monument gets new software

For a century the Fergus Falls Monument Company has been using the same basic system for tracking sales orders on memorials.  In 2017 the owners have decided to go, virtually paperless after the initial memorial order has been processed.

The new software allows sales people to track their customers’ headstones, footstones and other memorial products as they move through the manufacturing process within Fergus Falls Monument. 

All communications from the sales force to and from their customers and with our memorial design department will be accessed in one place.  Our design department will be able to check inventory at a touch of a button so they can determine if what is, and what is not, in stock.  Our production team can now track the arrival of new granite to better prioritize job orders. The setting crews are able to see what is being worked on so they can organize loads for certain directions based on when stones will be completed. And our office team can view it all for faster communication with our team and our customers.

It is always exciting to make dramatic changes to any process within a 100+ year old company such as the Fergus Falls Monument Company. While we expect some hiccups for the first year we know this will help streamline our process and make for a more productive workflow.