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12:22 PM

Grant County MN Veterans Memorial

Fergus Falls Monument Company has recently started on one of the largest Veterans Memorials they have erected to date. The Memorial itself will include granite benches, large granite brick display for individual names, 3 podiums with etchings will hold more names of veterans.  On the large brick display pieces, we will add large porcelain photos inset into the granite. The first phase of the project was completed in the summer of 2014.  Photos can be found at www.fergusmonument.com . The second phase is scheduled for the summer of 2015.

The Fergus Falls Monument Company, established in 1883, designs, letters and erects all large and small individual memorials, cemetery memorials, cemetery columbariums, Veterans memorials and dedication memorials.

11:43 AM

Lisbon Fire Department

Fergus Falls Monument Company designed and installed a commemorative dedication memorial for the Lisbon Fire Department.  We used 2 different artist renderings (Jim D. , Christian A.) and etched the images on Jet Black Granite.  The front picture had 2 firemen entering a door with smoke billowing out of it. The inscription was the “Fireman’s Prayer” and the  caption “We rush in , to get you out”.  We had also added the Lisbon Fire Department crest.  The backside had an image of a fireman exiting a burning building carrying a small child. The caption on this side was “Our mission is very clear, to be there for people when they need us.”